900 Wine Properties Price: $756.00

Participants receive two 750 ml bottles of similar wine for each testing round. The American Society for Enology and Viticulture's (ASEV) laboratory proficiency ad hoc committee provides the program with insights into winery laboratory operations.  Laboratories may report any or all of the following properties:
Alcohol by Volume
Total Sulfur Dioxide  /  Free Sulfur Dioxide
Titratable Acidity  /  Volatile Acidity
Specific Gravity
Residual Sugar (based on Cu reduction methods)
Malic Acid
Glucose + Fructose (based on enzymatic methods)
A420  /  A520
Copper (Cu) Content
Potassium (K) Content
Additionally, three research properties are also included and rotate each round of testing. Properties have included: Fe content, Potassium Sorbate content, and Ca content.
Samples are distributed in February, June and October.
Enroll at any time; your subscription will start with the next scheduled shipping date and will include three (3) shipments.
Contact CTS for pricing if your country/zone is not included in the list above.