1131-2024-2 Tensile Properties of Lab-Machined Flat Steel Price: $428.00

For each testing round participants receive two flat steel pieces of different thicknesses. Sample thickness ranges between 12 and 18 gages (~1-2mm). Typical materials distributed include AISI 4130 and AISI 1010 steels. Samples are tested in accordance with ASTM Test Method E8, E517 & E646.
Machining capability to prepare the specimens for testing is required. (Refer to ASTM Test Method E8 for specimen diagram.)
Laboratories may report any or all of the following: Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation, r-Value, and n-Value.
Total number of shipments = 2
Samples ship in May and November.
Enrollment deadline: 1 March 2024