1321-2024-1 Microhardness (Knoop & Vickers) Price: $279.00

For each cycle participants receive two steel test blocks with slightly different hardness values. Each block is pre-tested for homogeneity. Samples require surface preparation. Laboratories grind and polish the samples according to their normal laboratory procedure. The samples may also be cut and mounted if needed. Testing is performed using ASTM Test Method E384.
Laboratories may report data for one, two or all three of the following indenter-load types:
HK500 (Knoop Indenter with a 500 gf test load);
HK200 (Knoop Indenter with a 200 gf test load); 
HV500 (Vickers Indenter with a 500 gf test load).
Total number of shipments = 1
Samples ship in August.
Enrollment deadline: 1 June 2024