1121-2024-1 Tensile Properties of Lab-Machined Round Steel Price: $334.00

For each cycle participants receive two 7" long bars, one of which is 1" in diameter and the other has a diameter of 1.25". Materials that have been distributed in prior test rounds include AISI 1018, AISI 1045, and AISI 4340 steels. Testing is conducted in accordance with ASTM Test Method E8.
Machining capability to prepare the specimens for testing is required. (Refer to ASTM Test Method E8 for specimen diagram.)
Laboratories may report any or all of the following: Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation, and Reduction of Area.
Total number of shipments = 1
Samples ship in August.
Enrollment deadline: 1 June 2024