280 Autoline Price: $2,124.00

This program is intended for labs that use an Autoline to perform their testing. Available for U.S. labs only (including D.C. but excluding other territories).

Larger linerboard samples are provided so that participants can take advantage of the Autoline's capacity for automated testing. Participants are sent 4 packages of 42lb. linerboard each month. In addition, 4 packages of 52lb. linerboard or 4 packages of 35lb. linerboard are sent each month with the samples weights alternating in successive months. Each package contains 5 (12 x 24 inch) randomized and pre-conditioned sheets of linerboard. These are drawn from the same sample lot that is used in traditional tests.

Participants have the option of reporting for any or all of five properties. The data will be analyzed and reported along with that of participants in the traditional tests. These tests are as follows:

Test 205: Mullen Burst (TAPPI T807)
Test 223: STFI (TAPPI T826)
Test 228: Roughness Stylus (TAPPI T575)
Test 229: Roughness Sheffield (TAPPI T538)
Test 237: Air Resistance Gurley (TAPPI T460)
Enroll at any time; your subscription will start with the next scheduled shipping date and will included twelve (12) shipments. 
Samples are shipped during the second week of the month prior to the month during which testing is conducted.