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The hemp industry is rapidly growing and changing, and demand for accurate measurements from the industry has never been higher. Whether labs are reporting for regulatory purposes, accreditation needs, or quality requirements from their customers, CTS has once again stepped in to ensure that testing labs have confidence in their test measurements. 

In order to meet the unique needs of participants, the program offers multiple enrollment options: Enroll in an all-inclusive package or enroll in a specific property series. There are no restrictions on methods required to conduct the tests allowing participants to use their own individual laboratory methods. 

As of 2021, hemp is defined as having a THC concentration of 0.3% or below; therefore, materials used in this program will adhere to that legal requirement. Participation will be limited to the United States (including D. C. but excluding other territories.) 

Built on 50 years of experience in Proficiency Testing, participants can expect to receive results that are clear, concise, and easy to understand and act upon. Comparison of your results with other testing labs, identification of potential errors, compliance with accreditation requirements, and strengthened confidence in compliance to regulatory standards are all benefits of participating in this Program.

CTS has a proven record supporting the quality needs of our Industry Programs, and we are here to help move your lab and the Hemp industry forward!

Sample Information

A two-sample set of ground hemp plant material of differing THC concentration will be provided to the participants. Test Properties are categorized into four distinct groups and an all-inclusive package:

  • Hemp: Cannabinoids
  • Hemp: Heavy Metals
  • Hemp: Terpenes
  • Hemp: Moisture Content
  • Hemp: All-Inclusive Package (Includes all of the specific property series)

Test Series Codes Test Name Sample Type
9600 Hemp: Cannabinoids Ground Hemp Plant Material
9630 Hemp: Heavy Metals Ground Hemp Plant Material
9660 Hemp: Terpenes Ground Hemp Plant Material
9691 Hemp: Moisture Content Ground Hemp Plant Material
9699 Hemp: All-Inclusive Package Ground Hemp Plant Material

Hemp Program Schedule

Enroll at any time during the year. A subscription includes two cycles that operate according to the schedule below. 

Data due dates occur approximately 6 weeks after a shipment date; results must be submitted on or before a data due date in order to be included in the report. 

Participants can track shipments, submit data and access reports through the CTS Customer Portal.

Enroll Between October 11 - April 10

Samples Ship: Data Due: Reports Issued:
early June mid July early August
early December mid January early February

Enroll Between April 11 - October 10

Samples Ship: Data Due: Reports Issued:
early December mid January early February
early June mid July early August

Summary Reports

Portal Links

Participants in CTS Paper Program tests can access Test Instructions on the CTS Customer Portal.

Guide to Interpreting Performance Analysis Reports, available as well on the CTS Customer Portal, assists participants in understanding and getting maximum benefit from the individual reports issued at the completion of each testing round.